I occasionally try to take a peek at what’s going on in pop culture, and am always depressed afterwards. I have heard offhand of these “Housewives” shows and saw they were airing back-to-back episodes of those “Real Housewives” when I was flipping through the chanels the other day. Being what you might call a housewife myself, I was curious.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills show was on first. It should be noted that all of these women were in fact human. I have to say they all looked a little dare we say, fake. These chicks were clearly were spending too much time at their plastic surgeon’s office (in fact, they actually were at the surgeon’s office in the episode I watched). Essentially it was just another stupid show saying “Aren’t white people crazy/stupid?” Representing the worst of the crappiest of our kind. Vacuous, bobble-headed rich bitches.

Yet what made me really repulsed and sickened is when the Houseniggers of Apelanta show came on afterwards. Having never experienced it, it was a brutal transition into niggerdom that I wasn’t mentally prepared for (though I should have known). Suddenly instead of looking at the diamond-crusted vacuous hags in Beverly Hills, I’m looking at filthy sows ooking and screeing all over my screen. Out of their big floppy mouths come constant muh poosy talking and other incomprehensible babble. At first I wondered if this wasn’t a show about the maids of the chicks I just saw on Beverly Hills…but nope, these are some real houseboons that somebody thought would be a good idea to follow around with a camera.

These nigger sows are apparently married, being house”wives”, yet spent the better part of the five minutes I could stand to watch this show muh poosying a couple of oil drilling losers at the beach. They were wearing the most repulsive beach wear I have ever seen, and their big fat asses rippled in the breeze. I had to flip off the TV and pull out a book to get over it.

The moral of the story: Burn your television!