One of the most demanding and awful jobs I ever had was a customer service representative. Not to get too in depth of what I used to do, I fielded quite a few calls from niggers due to the nature of our work (basically it was the sort of thing where if they didn’t pay their bills, they were sent our way). 

By far the most frequent and demanding callers to our phones were niggers. I could tell they were niggers because of the names (Shaneeka Brown and such) and their nigger babble. Usually there were nigglets squalling in the background of all these calls. More than once I heard something like “DASHAWN I TOLE YOU TO SHUT THE FUCK UP!” and a thumping sound, and then proceeded to whine about all the reasons why the bill we sent was a racist bill and it was our fault they didn’t pay it. 

I learned so much about TNB sitting at that desk, fielding calls from niggers all day. I wasn’t the only one – there were some days that my fellow coworkers got up from their desk and uttered slurs under their breath. I had those moments many times, and it was really a point in my life that it started to occur to me just how bad niggers really are, as previously I’d been relatively sheltered and isolated from the worst aspects of TNB. 

The standard calls every day went something like this:

Me: Hello, this is so and so from such and such, how may I help you?

Nigger: Dis be Jameeka, I jus gotta bill from you alls saying muh policy be cancelled, what da hail? 

Me: It appears as though we sent you three bills to the address on file and you never responded or paid them. So you are cancelled. 

Nigger: What dat sheeit is fuckt up! I aint got no bills from yall. 

Me: Well they were sent to you at such and such address.

Nigger: Dat aint muh address. I live at 22 Jenkins Street in Ghetto Ave wit muh cuzzin Jamal now. 

Me: …well…that IS the address you gave us. Did you notify us of your move?

and on and on. It was endless how the nigger would find all these reasons for why they didn’t get or pay for the bill. Then if we refused to accept payment (which was often the case) and laid down the law of YT upon them (pay your bills or you’re screwed) they chimped out. Often we had to hang up when it reached the most feverish pitch. Our boss didn’t like it but what could we do? There were other niggers waiting in queue to yell at us. 

Nowadays whenever I call a company and it’s obvious a spook is on the line taking calls, I hang up as a reflexive action – I believe I have Post Niggeratic Stress from that job.